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A player that has a moderate to a high level of experience playing organized soccer in leagues and/or tournaments. Advanced/elite players have well-defined skills in one or multiple areas of the game while also possessing the physical and/or mental strengths that are essential to success. The advanced/elite player is self-motivated to play and/or train (independently or with a trainer) 4-7 days per week and at times may train or practice twice in one day without hesitation. Advanced/elite players are generally on the top team at their Middle or High School and have identified soccer as their primary sport. An advanced/elite player has an unconditional love for and commitment to the team, organization, and the game of soccer, but also understands the systemic concept of constantly earning his/her spot on the team and a spot on the field. REZ Sports advanced/elite level practices involve a trainer coach that demands the highest level of focus and intensity.

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